Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring on the Ranch!

Yes, it was a shitty winter everywhere and now that it has thawed out the work will begin! The cold messed up my grass everywhere, front yard and completed ruined my turf in front of the hut.  New things are planned this year and for the first time in 3 years since building the hut I have to perform some maintenance. Ropes tightened and a good spring cleaning...I've moved the big 6 ft Tiki God of Money to the other side of the yard..much better! I'm adding a fish pond and waterfall in the place the tiki once stood.  New sod, rocks and trees are coming soon. I have already put down 85 bags of mulch and 40 bales of pine straw! Reworked the stone stairs and filled some areas with top soil. Next post will show the pond completed and other stuff! So stay tuned for more progress at the ranch. 3rd Annual Memorial Day Luau is coming up!    Mahalo Y'all

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter has hit the Tiki Ranch!

Today Atlanta got hit with the first snow in a long time and it caused major waves outside the ranch, but here it is calm, warm and cozy...the south closes down with a chance of snow...well, we got a couple inches between noon and 6pm.  I got home just in time after picking up the grommet at school early.  Mahalo

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rockabilly Luau, Flame eating mermaids and Playboy Model Photo Shoots plus much more Tiki Madness

Aloha! It has been way too long since last time I posted and I'm truly sorry for new visitors to the blog.  I started a new job 6 months ago and its been kicking my time for hanging out in the Blogisphere. But I'm back to catch y'all up on some crazy tiki madness happening at the hut.  Let's start where I left off last...August..what a loser... Happy New Year! 

Rockabilly Luau in lovely Tucker Georgia
Chris Maddox the man who help start the fundraising event spawned the idea of the best party you've never been to...Rockabilly music with Tiki carving, bikini pin up girl contest, classic cars and bikes and plenty o rum drinking atmosphere.  The vendors were cool with tons of cool stuff to buy. Hot Rod Walt and the Psycho Devilles played a great set right after the Pin Up contest - hot chicks with a 50s flair.  Chris contacted me about renting one of my portable bars for the event, they used it to sell cocktails. Worked great, my buddy Greg helped me deliver it and set it up. Got to watch some pinups and flame dancers along with some PBRs and tasty food.  The second day of the event I went with my love Jen and my son Austin.  Hot Rod Walt played and the Flame eating Mermaid made an appearance in the Holiday Inn Express pool.  Darlene the Baking Queen, Dr Mike Katz and Anya Martin all hung with the Tiki Rancher tribe.  

Rockabilly Luau girls

while setting up the bar I had a birds eye view!

My son and favorite beer

Rental bar worked out great! they sold all tropical drinks here

Darlene the Baking Queen and friend

Atlanta Magazine featured Tiki Rancher in a full page article in the September issue! "Welcome to the Jungle" was a great piece done by acclaimed writer Lisa Mowry.  

A famous Playboy photographer saw the article while getting her car repaired and contacted me to rent the Hut for a swimsuit fashion shoot! Super fun and cool...she even brought a camera drone to shoot some overheads shots. 

Drone attack!

they actually paid me to be here! Nice

The Ranch got a new vehicle in the coral - a sweet one owner 1959 Coupe deville! I've been slowly restoring this baby after it was spotted by friend Chad Hess hidden behind an old body shop.  The color was black and gray from sitting outside for 4 years under a tree...after meeting the original owner's son (78yr old son) I struck a deal but the car needed a complete interior, many missing parts I've been successfully acquiring from ebay and other cadillac guys around the country. Special shout out to Brian in Pittsburgh for supplying most of the hard to find parts and advice. 

The paint cleaned up nice and the chrome is rust and runs like a dream

Loving it! almost done

Winter has hit Tiki Mountain and it is freezing like everywhere, but the hut is in good shape, roof is still holding up after 2.5 years without repairs or replacement.  A new awning was added to provide more shade and privacy. The temperatures are below freezing and enabled the Rancher to make snow on the front slope.  

New Awning this Fall

inside looking out

a view through the new awning - come on in!

Tiki Sled Resort snow report showing all trails open with 2-3" of fresh packed powder. Only at the ranch can you get a Mai Tai in the backyard and sled ride in the front!

After 4 hours of blowing

all trails open!

Austin and Kaleb hitting the hill

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Pet Huts are out!

Finally after talking about it forever, I finally got off my tail and made one.  This one is for my dental hygenist Danielle! Her little dog is named Coco...perfect right? I was able to used crosscut pieces of bamboo to spell out her name. You can order one of these huts for your dog or cat... my cat Lucky loves the one I made for 100lb lab Kona has the big hut in the backyard already. Mahalo

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New lights in the hut and some updated pictures of the Royal Grand Hut

Fear the tikis - some of my carvings and some I collected

New Tiki Skip lights!

Looking out over the ranch from behind the bar