Monday, April 21, 2014

New Koi Pond and Waterfall

Since last post it rained for days and finally cleared up on Easter Sunday.  I had 2 tons of rocks and two pallets of retaining wall blocks dropped off on Saturday...I was itching to get it started on Saturday but it was too wet.  I had to wheel barrow the rocks and blocks down a hill in my backyard so it had to dry up. Bright and early Sunday the sun was shining and the tiki gods were smiling.  I started moving things around 9 in the morning and ended up with a finished 400 gallon koi pond and waterfall at 11pm. I was finishing up with tiki torch lights and my wife watching me as I almost killed myself arranging 100 lb boulders solo in the dark. Enjoy the week new sod and plants, trees ect...Mahalo Y'all.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring on the Ranch!

Yes, it was a shitty winter everywhere and now that it has thawed out the work will begin! The cold messed up my grass everywhere, front yard and completed ruined my turf in front of the hut.  New things are planned this year and for the first time in 3 years since building the hut I have to perform some maintenance. Ropes tightened and a good spring cleaning...I've moved the big 6 ft Tiki God of Money to the other side of the yard..much better! I'm adding a fish pond and waterfall in the place the tiki once stood.  New sod, rocks and trees are coming soon. I have already put down 85 bags of mulch and 40 bales of pine straw! Reworked the stone stairs and filled some areas with top soil. Next post will show the pond completed and other stuff! So stay tuned for more progress at the ranch. 3rd Annual Memorial Day Luau is coming up!    Mahalo Y'all