Monday, October 17, 2011

Progress photos

Austin my assistant

stockpile of bamboo

building site after bushes removed

backyard from barn POV

Backyard across from Barn

I dug 6 hours to try and level the site

Roots my boy Roots!

These are just a couple of roots I found digging

I cut down this 30 yr old pine tree - not fun

view from my deck of ranch

hole in the GA clay.....hard clay

Deck materials

Supervisor taking a juice box break

corner 4x4s installed

deck starting to be built

corner post with footing notice the 1" galvanized pipe...the bamboo pole will 
go over this and bolted through to keep it from updrafts lifing the barn off the deck.

So it has begun!

Welcome to the Tiki Rancher Blog! I created this blog to document the construction of a tiki barn in my backyard using bamboo and thatch materials. The "barn" will act as a clubhouse for my kids and a tiki bar for dad when he's feeling the need to get his tiki on.  Enjoy the progress pics and please feel free to give advice, criticism and encouragement to me the rancher as I attempt to build with bamboo for the first time.