Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tikification of the Nation

I can't believe the amount of cool tiki joints being built around the country of late.....Not that I'm complaining...I just hope it doesn't go too mainstream.  We don't want to end up being called Fake Tiki, well come to think of it Party City has a whole section on Fake Tiki...hahaha just kidding all Tiki is cool in my book.  Anyway, I've been a busy Tiki Rancher lately...A Cool cat on the other side of town by the name of Michael rang me on the telephone.  He told me he needed a bamboo cabana next to his pool.  So, I went over to find the most beautiful Tikified Lagoon style pool - all it was missing was a grass shack to complete the scene.  The previous owner (bless his soul) built the pool and some of the bamboo components needed some help and there was a perfect spot for a nice size cabana.  Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help him complete his vision.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Sorry, lets say I've been a little pre occupied with life to be blogging about it.  Lots have happened in the past 2 years but lets not get into all that.  You are here to see the latest and greatest Tiki innovations and just plain fun.  This spring I re roofed the hut after 5 years and extended the roof line like I wanted to from the beginning.  I also doubled the amount of thatch that went into it. Man she looks good - let me know what you think.