Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bora Bora Barn party PIG ROAST

Hello all tiki fans, 
The bora bora barn is complete with a new railing and completed bar area.  Thanks to all that have helped me find cool artifacts and craigslist goodies.  Last thing I had to do was build out the bar and backbar / finish the bamboo trim and build a railing for the porch. DONE! I started cutting bamboo for this project a year ago. So stoked it turned out better than I even imagined. Enjoy....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Latest progress shots - Pine Straw works!

This past weekend's work was mostly physical, My family and I laid down the remaining mulch left over from last weekend. I also got the rest of the exposed dirt covered with pine straw...fun.  Later on Saturday I was able to work in the hut a little more. I got the back bar figured out and built - then it started to rain for the whole day and night...so I am ready to stain the tops when the weather dries up more. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend progress - SOD MULCH Sore Muscles

This weekend was a milestone for the overall plan for the tropical escape I'm trying to create in my backyard.  Rusty and his crew came in and laid the sod and fixed my irrigation system. They also built some stone stairs and covered up our old rr ties that were rotting. Enjoy the pics.

 all the stone work I did the night before until 10 pm

 irrigation getting worked on

 stone fire pit I built 

 the reason for my sore muscles

 stone stairs being built

 mulch and sod

 prepping for sod installation

 sod going down

 from the opposite side of the yard

 love the sprinklers 

 irrigation is working again

 old staircase I still need to fix

tiki creep

Stone staircase we built

 stone firepit with mulch

 I took this picture this morning around 7am 
Now pinestraw and plantings