Monday, March 26, 2012

New Resident in Tiki Hut

Hawaiian Tiki God of Money has moved into the hut to bring prosperity and luck to the Tiki hut. Its made of fiberglass and the eyes light up. The Tiki came from a Las Vegas resort pool. Super cool!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Half the Roof is ON!

I have been working night and day to get the shack dried in. I have completed all the structural bamboo and loft including railings so the kids don't fall out. Very excited and getting ready for my memorial day pig roast. Let me know if you want to be invited. Enjoy the progress!
half of the elephant grass is installed

love the feel and look of the thatch
loft railings on back
kids won't fall out

I had to criss cross all along the bottom to create more strength and stability - highly suggested
nice corner lashings

I had to join two pieces to get the length I needed for one last long piece...this is how it was done



looking good in the hood

expanding foam in any open cavities keep water and bugs out!

keeping your bamboo organized and dry is very important

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Huge Progess on Bamboo Barn

As I build the Tiki barn I have been designing many areas as I go, this weekend was focused on how the roof was going to be engineered and tightening up lashings and securing support beams along with the loft.

I believe I've figured out how the whole thing is going to be finished now.

I will have just enough bamboo to make it!

Thank god, really don't want to go cut anymore down right now. 
 Next week I should be able to start installing the thatch roofing materials.

                                              Roof battons

                                             corner lashing

                                              door lashing

                                       front view of structure

                           corner view of new progress new lashings

           I'm using hardwood pins to tie everything together along with rope

                                              loft lashings

                                         side support lashing

         Elephant grass thatching for roof will be stapled on to the battons

shot from the deck this morning