Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Pet Huts are out!

Finally after talking about it forever, I finally got off my tail and made one.  This one is for my dental hygenist Danielle! Her little dog is named Coco...perfect right? I was able to used crosscut pieces of bamboo to spell out her name. You can order one of these huts for your dog or cat... my cat Lucky loves the one I made for 100lb lab Kona has the big hut in the backyard already. Mahalo

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New lights in the hut and some updated pictures of the Royal Grand Hut

Fear the tikis - some of my carvings and some I collected

New Tiki Skip lights!

Looking out over the ranch from behind the bar


Aloha to all the new visitors! Tiki lovers worldwide


Tiki Rancher has entered into another level of exposure....visitors from 45 countries have seen the Tiki Rancher Blog
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Update on the Grove of Moso! Had to cut some down...

Bonnie and her husband Sean helped me cut some of the bamboo off the cabin...So I went and helped cut some down and took it are some great shots - Francis lives here and I will be going back to cut out more from her house..just ran out of time. 

Sean, Francis and the Rancher

4-5" diameter

Tiki Rancher Boo Rig

nice stuff

Bonnie and Francis taking a break....Bonnie helped trim the branches - real trooper

we made a mess 


great stuff

Austin inspecting the booty when I got it home...he made a bridge to nowhere

Rancher with a 20 footer

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big MOSO bamboo grove found in Smyrna

Had to share these pictures of an amazing grove of Moso. It was planted in 1949 by the lady that was born in this cabin 83 years ago and she still lives there! but the Moso is taking over the property.  The new shoots coming out of the ground are 6" in diameter and growing fast.  Bonnie called me from a listing I had on Craigslist and asked if I could take it away....all of once! Well, considering there are at least 200 50-75 ft poles at 5-6" diameter I may need a semi truck for this one. Enjoy

Old cabin where the bamboo lives

As you can see....Its coming in on her

Bonnie and hubby



look at the size of that one

this shoot was 20' in the air already

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Well, I was correct in stating on my last post this was going to be another Mission Impossible...I worked day and night for 4 days prior to this event and finished 1/2 hour before the party started...I couldn't of done it with out the Surf Soul Tiki Posse (Jeff Chouinard and Orlando Sanchez) lending full support with space, labor and persistence. My wife and son came down too - they were troopers and got through it without much face time with the Rancher. But, we did all enjoy the festivities and had breakfast everyday on the beach at the fabulous Postcard Inn in St Pete Beach are some highlights from the trip.

Music was provided by the Stolen Idols and the Intoxicators! They had fire dancers and tons of free rum! should of been there.....

Fire dancers

Beware of Dogs working all night and sniffing contact cement
Three phases of Rum I commissioned Jeff Chouinard for my bar front
Rancher and Jeff Chouinard of Surf Soul Tiki Fame
Primitive Mods carved by Jeff Chouinard for the Outrigger
Getting it done
The Rancher and the Carver Jeff Chouinard
8ft Outrigger portable bar with fridge and sink - Killer Tiki Skip lamps too!

Outrigger Canopy 

Outrigger bar detail

Three phases of Rum 

The Rancher and Dean Hurst - master of all spirits

The Rancher finally gets to have a drink

Tiki Rancher  / Soul Surf Tiki Commando team with the two Deans