Monday, April 16, 2012

Walls are going up! Fog cutters on the way

This weekend I got a chance to do more work on the barn.  Next step was figuring out how to do the walls....well, what I came up with what seems to be a good idea...time will tell. I used 5mm tri ply underlayment (luan) weather sealed it and then stapled reed fencing from Home Depot to give it that tiki feel and a nice texture on the outside.  The inside surface will get a nice woven matting like in most tiki room walls. I will use contact cement to apply that and then trim it out with bamboo. Seems to be working...tell me what you think.

 Found a great hammock this weekend at a garage sale for $15 - score!

I also planted two banana trees in the dark last night
Can't wait to lay down the flagstone and sod...coming soon!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Roof is ON!

Wow, what a labor of love! the roof cap kicked my butt, I had to put the cap on without being able to climb on the roof (since its made of elephant grass) I had to work from below and then attach the last two rows of thatch from that spot too. It came out nice, now to see how much rain it will stop....So now its dried in ...time to start the walls and interior.  Met with the landscaper this week too, can't wait to get it started if I can't live in Tahiti I'm bringing it home to Roswell. Enjoy the pics.

 I used 16" wide sheathing for the two part cap. then covered it in tar paper then attached the remaining portions of thatch I had cut off the 20 ft rolls to complete the roof. I had 8" left over from the thatch! that was close.

my makeshift scaffolding 

                                  love the morning light as you can see spring has sprung in the ATL