Monday, April 16, 2012

Walls are going up! Fog cutters on the way

This weekend I got a chance to do more work on the barn.  Next step was figuring out how to do the walls....well, what I came up with what seems to be a good idea...time will tell. I used 5mm tri ply underlayment (luan) weather sealed it and then stapled reed fencing from Home Depot to give it that tiki feel and a nice texture on the outside.  The inside surface will get a nice woven matting like in most tiki room walls. I will use contact cement to apply that and then trim it out with bamboo. Seems to be working...tell me what you think.

 Found a great hammock this weekend at a garage sale for $15 - score!

I also planted two banana trees in the dark last night
Can't wait to lay down the flagstone and sod...coming soon!

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