Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY kits are now available for Royal Grand Hut

Finally after a year in the making, the DIY kit for the Royal Grand Hut are available! In the kit you will get all the bamboo and thatching needed to create your very own slice of heaven.  The kit also comes with a fully illustrated book of easy to follow instructions.  The blueprints are color coded and easy to read and execute. All the knots, joinery and tips to make your build as successful as mine. The Royal Grand Hut was built by the tiki rancher single handedly....so if you have a team or even a couple of people this hut will go up quick and last for years. Go to my etsy store for more details....


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  1. Love your hut! I would love to build a similar playhouse for the kids. You mentioned a DIY instructions being available through Etsy but it is no longer there. Where can I get your plans?