Monday, March 4, 2013

City of Roswell approves final inspection on the HUT

After over a year of dealing with my HOA, and the City of Roswell - the final inspection was this morning and I got approved!  Should be over with any more hoops to jump through....I want to thank my asshole neighbor for the hassle but it did in the end make it totally legit and safer due the railings I installed.  


  1. r an absolute legend ! Stumbled across you looking for bamboo huts for our farm in Cambodia. I love your Tiki barn ;-) The kids must love it and what a great plac to hang out with friends. 100% pura vida.

    As for your neighbour - what a douche !

  2. Mahalo Justin,
    thanks for the kind words...crazy enough since I built mine I have requests to build more so that's what I'm doing...if you need help in Cambodia I actually have connections and access to some of the largest groves in Cambodia. you can email me directly for questions or