Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 Summer of Tiki Madness!

It was a great summer on the Ranch! lots of fun things and projects...1st time to Tiki Oasis out in San Diego - Wow can't wait until next year, amazing time even got to meet and talk to Sven Kirsten while waiting to get our wrist bands. Great people, music and Rum! 

Summer of Tiki 2014 was a Hoot! Mr Gregg and the Rancher in San Diego Tiki Oasis

Yes we have no bananas but plenty of rum

the pond was blooming all summer

new vintage fish float from the Antique Factory

Giant Tiki poolside at the Oasis

New mugs from Tiki Oasis - Don and the Goof

Gregg and his 51 Fuzebox

the Rancher and the King at Tiki Oasis 2014

suffering bastard I started carving

Tiki Oasis 2014 - Follow TIKIRANCHER on Instagram for many more pictures and the craziness of the Ranch

Cool vintage trailer Deadhead Rum - Yum!

My life sized 3 ft tall midget alien tiki I carved, then burned with a torch to carbonize

Great fun at Tiki Oasis - couple of Aussies I met - Mahalo John and Ellie


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