Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend progress shots

 Main beam is set. 19' Guadua bamboo from Columbia, South America. The corner posts are Tre Gai from Vietnam and the Center posts are from MS. Kona my 95lb chocolate lab is inspecting his new dog house.

I had some help from my neighborhood kids this weekend, Bradley, Alicia and of course Austin helped with holding the measuring tape, lifting poles while I was placing the bolts in the footing pipes.  Dr. Chris Scoma (Bradley's Dad) helped me set the main beam and side wall top beams.

 I notched out the verticals to set the main beam in place,
also filling cavity with expanding foam to create a saddle.
The 1/2" oak dowel is to help hold the lashing
in place and tighten it to the vertical.

 View from top deck of my house

 Tre Gai corner post - almost solid bamboo from Viet Nam -
a 3" pole is stronger than a 6"x 6" pine post!

 Main center beam from inside structure

 Bamboo architecture

 Backyard November 13th 2011

 Tre Gai bamboo wall thickness is intense. 
This is from Garth at Safari Thatch in Ft. Lauderdale

 Stockpile of bamboo from GA and MS - Southern Bamboo
was my source for the kiln dried (brown) bamboo

 Main beam

 View from inside the structure

Firepit made from the pine tree I had to cut down

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