Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Interior walls and bar

Here we go, the bar has been started! The interior wall coverings have been installed.  Now I need to trim it out with the bamboo I gathered last spring. You can never have enough bamboo! I also added bamboo shades to the windows, makes a huge difference inside and out.  Here are some progress pictures....26 days until I have to be complete...I have staged all my decor and furniture...I bought some bamboo stools and bench on ebay and have picked up some great vintage rattan from goodwill.  Found an awesome Orchid of Hawaii flaming volcano scorpion bowl at a flea market last weekend for $9 stoked! can't wait to use it...

 Awesome woven mats from guy on ebay...super deal, thick and nice 

 Starting to figure out the layout for the bar

 I used Luan with reed fencing stapled to the outside and woven mats for the interior, I ended up stapling too - much easier than contact cement.

2 new 3 ft tiki I found on craigslist
 cute little tike
 staircase and ladder up to the loft
 trim on walls

POV from hut front door....5/1... tomorrow the bobcat comes in and by the weekend this is going to be beautiful sod, flagstone regrade....can't wait...keep posted for update next week

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