Monday, April 21, 2014

New Koi Pond and Waterfall

Since last post it rained for days and finally cleared up on Easter Sunday.  I had 2 tons of rocks and two pallets of retaining wall blocks dropped off on Saturday...I was itching to get it started on Saturday but it was too wet.  I had to wheel barrow the rocks and blocks down a hill in my backyard so it had to dry up. Bright and early Sunday the sun was shining and the tiki gods were smiling.  I started moving things around 9 in the morning and ended up with a finished 400 gallon koi pond and waterfall at 11pm. I was finishing up with tiki torch lights and my wife watching me as I almost killed myself arranging 100 lb boulders solo in the dark. Enjoy the week new sod and plants, trees ect...Mahalo Y'all.

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